Work with us in Denmark

Work with us in Denmark

The employee at Protemp has a long and good experience with their International colleagues. Therefore, we know what you require from a successful stay and can create good and secure surrounding around your work in Denmark.

What do you want to work with?

Protemp can offer exciting and challenging jobs inside Infrastructure, Construction, Wind, Industri, production, technic, fiber, telecommunications and television.

We can offer both short and long-term substitutes. If you feel at home in Denmark, we can also offer fixed-term employment.

You can also notify your job interests on a general basis. Send you application in English to, or contact the local office for more details. Our consulting managers will also help you with the practical side.

Protemp – the best employer!

Protemp have got a mission “to be the best employer.” As employees, you have from the first day a personal consultant that provides a close follow-up both before, during and after the working day. In addition Protemp arranges events by both professional and social nature.

Welcome to Denmark – welcome to Protemp!

I want to look for work through Protemp. How do I proceed?

In order for us to offer you a temporary or permanent job, you must send your CV or search through our published jobs. It is easy to send your resume. You must include both relevant qualifications and job requirements, so our consultants can match your needs with an existing client. Protemp has always a wide range of advertised job vacancies in various industries throughout the country. On our website you can search for job vacancies you should find relevant and interesting.

I have registered my CV. What happens now?

When you register with us, our consultants starts to find work matching your preferences and qualifications. You will receive confirmation via email or telephone. We also urge all job seekers to search for our advertised vacancies. Here you can search on-site ads you think are relevant and interesting. If our consultant finds positions that matches your preferences and qualifications, you will be called up for an interview.

Can anyone who signs up job?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will get work through us. Our consultants will always do its utmost to find a you a new job, but it is difficult to predict what jobs we can offer our job seekers. If your requirements and qualifications match the customer’s needs, we will be able to offer you a job. Either way, we promise to provide you with feedback.

I have a job. What happens now?

When you start working through Protemp, have need to have some paperwork done. You must sign both a labor contract and assignment confirmation presented by your consultant. Remember also to submit the tax card as soon as possible. The first working day, your consultant will come along to your new workplace. We do this to make sure you feel safe and to avoid any misunderstanding. We will also continue with close follow-up and presence throughout the work period. Your consultant is there for you.

Protemp has information for foreigners Work in Denmark about the subjects related to rules and benefits in Denmark.

Social Security Card

The first thing you should do when you arrive in Protemp, is to obtain a social security card. You do this simply by filling out the application form Are you going for an interview with Protemp, you will also be given the form. Do not forget your passport as identification.

When you receive the tax card, you will automatically receive a Danish social security card.

Bank account

In order to work and receive pay in Denmark, you must have a Danish bank account. After you have received tax card, you get a Danish Social security number which you will need to apply for a Danish bank account. You will get the forms from the bank or on their website – Do not forget passport or other identification.

Many of Protemps local offices offers truck driving courses to reduced prices. Please contact your nearest Protemp office for more information.


In Protemp, there are many opportunities to get somewhere to live. Whether you rent or buy, the Internet is a good place to start looking.


There are many operators in the Danish mobile market. Since prices and packages vary from period to period, it may be worthwhile to check out the various suppliers when you get to Protemp. Find the best subscriptions for you, but remember that many operators have special rates for calling abroad.